Let me nap

It’s 7.45am. For the last half hour I’ve been listening to two women on the back of the otherwise silent bus talking. Right now they are talking about shoe polish. Shoe. Polish.

I’m so tired. I can hear their voices through my headphones. I’m not even sitting close to them.

I’m not a monster, I’m all for talking to strangers on the bus, but it’s 7.45! Everyone else is trying to sleep. (More of a coach than a bus, hour journey, sweet kip.)

And now someone else has jumped on the phone (sorta loud and obnoxious). And for one small moment it worked to quieten the women.

No, they’ve started again.

The other person has started back up also. The women have stopped.

The person has stopped. The women have started.

Oh heavens, they are all just trying to talk over each other.

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