You know how people say everyone they ever loved left them? And you’re like ‘such a cliché!’ Everyone I like at work is leaving. Dammit.

So, remember that job I interviewed for and completely cocked up? Well, I did get it and I joke about not trusting my boss’ judgement, but, interview skills aside, I’m pretty competent and amazing at it.

Including my temp time with the organisation, I’ve been there 10 months and there’s been a lot of change. Firstly, the Director I worked to left. This woman was brilliant – mouth like a sailor, a mischievous glint in her eye, tough as a tonne of bricks but nurturing. I felt really looked after by her and the Head of Service (the guy who interviewed me for the permanent role). He was still around and continued to be helpful, and funny, and let me just get on with it.

The second person to leave was my first proper friend at the place. The girl is super smart and has the most brilliant anecdotes and the best way of telling these Jonna-isms. A gold-hearted kind of person that you just gravitate towards.

A couple of others I adore have admitted their plans to leave and are interviewing.

And, today, my boss (the Head of Service) left.

This guy is awesome – 20 years working through the public sector, speeches and farewells by people who he didn’t even manage just showing us all how beloved, approachable and special he is, staying late to finish off the last piece of work and making recommendations to protect the service and staff.

I’m going to miss him.

I mean, he’s going to work down the road and will be in and out of the building, but dammit, I’m going to miss just being able to lean to side of my computer when I have a question, and him pop his head to the side to answer, his random humming, the striped shirts and brolly, the guardian newspaper every morning, and cheeky smile he always had on.

I feel quite sad about it.

And a little teary, but I cry at everything.

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